KATE TOLO / 2018


ANIMA takes you on a personal journey with designer, Kate Tolo, and her attempt to embody Dali. Through her recording and analysis of dreams, exploration of Freudian theories, and delving into alternate realities, ANIMA was born - a bulbous soft dream.

featured in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015


Common Ground aims to bridge the gap between designer and consumer, in an attempt to embrace fast-fashion but mold the model in a sustainable direction.


MBTI explores the concept of personalities and ways this could potentially influence the fashion retail model. In this collection designer Kate Tolo explores the notion of targeted design based on personal traits established by Carl Jung, one of the founding fathers of modern psychology. Each garment represents a different personality 'type' that has been specifically addressed. 

Winner of Peppermint Mag Sustainability Competition


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